How to Clean and Maintain Your Lookah Unicorn 2.0 for Long-Term use


A cutting-edge dab pen that offers a comfortable and pleasant dabbing experience is the Lookah Unicorn 2.0. Like all dabbing equipment, it must be cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure optimum performance and longevity. For long-term use, follow these hints and recommendations for cleaning and maintaining your Lookah Unicorn 2.0.

Deep clean every few uses

While it’s crucial to clean your Lookah Unicorn 2.0 after every use, you should also thoroughly clean it after a few uses. The device must be disassembled, and each component must be meticulously cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and tepid water. Make careful to clean any accumulation or residue from the glass parts, including the mouthpiece and heating chamber. Before assembling, let the components fully dry out in the air.

Clean after each use

Cleaning after each use is the first stage in maintaining your Lookah Unicorn 2.0. This ensures that any leftover buildup or residue is eliminated before it can become sticky or solidify on the device. Wipe down the heating chamber, and any other areas that touched your concentrate with a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol. Abrasive materials or undue force should be avoided as they harm the device.

Replace components as needed

Your Lookah Unicorn 2.0’s heating reservoir, mouthpiece, and glass parts may deteriorate or wear out over time. To guarantee the device’s best performance and durability, replacing these parts as required is crucial. Look at what makes it simple to keep and increase the lifespan of your dab rig by providing replacement components and accessories for the Unicorn 2.0.

Use filtered water

Use filtered water when using the Lookah Unicorn 2.0 with a water-filtering attachment. Minerals or toxins in unfiltered water may cause buildup or harm to the glass components. Filtered water can help your glass attachment last longer and prevent the need for frequent refills. The Lookah Unicorn 2.0 is a popular and high-quality electronic dab rig or dab pen that requires regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure it functions properly and lasts for a long time.

Store properly

The proper storing of your Lookah Unicorn 2.0 is also crucial for maintenance. When not in use, keep the gadget somewhere tidy and dry. Avoid placing it in full sunlight or extremely hot or cold environments, as these conditions may harm or discolor the device. Scratches and other damage can be avoided by storing the gadget in a case.

Use high-quality concentrates

Using high-quality concentrates is one method to prevent excessive buildup and residue in your Lookah Unicorn 2.0. Low-quality concentrates might have impurities or contaminants that leave a buildup or film on your device. Utilizing top-notch concentrates can lessen the need for frequent upkeep and cleaning. Your Lookah Unicorn 2.0’s performance and longevity depend on appropriate cleaning and maintenance. You can ensure that your device is always prepared to deliver a seamless and pleasurable tapping experience by following these suggestions and instructions. Consider using high-quality concentrates, and filtered water, completing a deep clean every few uses, storing your equipment correctly, and replacing worn-out parts. Your Lookah Unicorn 2.0 can deliver years of dependable and pleasant dabbing with the right care and upkeep.


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