Which Characteristics Does Hytera’s PNC460 XRugged Smart Device Possess?


The Hytera PNC460 enables your team to connect more effectively at work by combining smartphone capabilities with Push-to-Talk (PoC) radio functions over cellular data. The PNC460 is dependable and strong, built to handle a variety of demanding industrial situations. This device, which runs on the Android 12 operating system, also makes use of flexible Hytera improved features.

The features of the PNC460, including a high-intensity torch, noise meter, inclinometer, altimeter, vertical, step counter, and compass, help you do your activities faster and more effectively. The productivity of professionals in a variety of industries, including logistics, transportation, electricity, and many others, is increased thanks to the optimization of business operations.

The designed to increase productivity in the workplace today and in the future. Your team can interact and collaborate more easily at work because of smartphone. To learn more about PNC460 follow this link www.hytera.com additionally, the PNC460 is incredibly tough to endure in any extreme situation. The PNC460 is available anywhere there is a challenging job.

Characteristics of Hytera’s PNC460 XRugged Smart Device

The PNC460 is dependable and strong, built to handle a variety of demanding industrial situations. The basic characteristics of the PNC460 smart device are listed below:

Android 12 OS

The PNC460 offers the comfort and familiarity that professional’s desire, thanks to the Android 12 OS. More significantly, it offers a free and open platform on which a number of essential apps can run, simplifying and speeding up routine processes. The PNC460 enables you to operate quickly and easily using a variety of ready-to-use tools created by Hytera, including a noise meter and high beam, gradient, pedometer, protractor, altimeter, and plumb.

Large HD Screen

The PNC460 is a helpful helper that makes you more productive. With the gorgeous 5-inch screen, you have plenty of room to use several apps at once while working. Additionally, this screen can be read outside in the sun and is responsive to touches from wet or gloved hands.

Exceptional Durability

For professionals operating in the most demanding conditions, the PNC460 is ideal. It is rated IP68. The device is resistant to dust, water, snow, sudden 1.5-meter drops, harsh temperatures (-20°C to +60°C), and more thanks to its durable shell and reinforced components.

Professional Accounting System

Including electrical repair fields, ports, and factories, thanks to its strong speaker and clever noise-canceling algorithms. This best-in-class audio ensures a top-notch communication experience across all work environments.


The PNC460 may connect using 2G, 3G, LTE, or WLAN networks and PDT, DMR, or TETRA radios using the Hytera HyTalk Pro app. Once you depress the huge, tactile PTT key, it instantly connects you to someone or a group of people anywhere in the world. This guarantees constant information flow, even in the direst situations.

Powerful Camera System

The PNC460’s 50 MP back camera, HDR technology, and image stabilization algorithm give it strong photographic skills. It can take crisp images and steady live recordings in the field and transmit them in real-time across an LTE or WLAN network to the command center. Knowing what transpired is crucial for dispatchers, greatly enhancing teamwork and results.

External Antenna

The PNC460 includes an external antenna that has a 70% better RX capability than radios with built-in antennas, which are not included. Thus, the PNC460 can transmit information accurately and without any word omissions even in locations with poor signal strength, such as mountains or underground parking garages.

Precision Positioning

The PNC460 delivers a real-time, exact location for the dispatcher with an accuracy improvement of 2 meters thanks to the integrated dual-frequency GPS (L1+L5) chip. Know the location of your gadgets. Keep your staff members secure.

Final Words

You may enjoy all the benefits of contemporary PTT radio technology as a result of the Hytera PNC460 XRugged Smart Device without giving up toughness and endurance. With a 5-inch FHD screen, a potent camera system, loud, clear audio, and an open app ecosystem.


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