Does The Youku App Offer Dubbed or English-subtitled Versions?


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A man plunges his car into the river as damaged- hearted Jom is content. Jom smells the sweet aroma of fresh frangipani blossoms coming from the move in the cold night, and he could make out a parent in the distance. You can watch I Feel You Linger In The Air on the Youku app.

The Youku app Offers Dubbed Or English-subtitled

Youku, like many different streaming sites, gives certain content with English subtitles or dubbed variations to attract an international audience as of my maximum current data replacement in September 2021. The exact collection, licensing agreements, and the United States you have access to Youku from can all affect whether or not or no longer English subtitles or dub versions are to be had.

English Subtitles

Youku may additionally offer English subtitles for a number of Chinese language dramas and series. Typically, these subtitles are offered for the consolation of overseas viewers who no longer understand Mandarin Chinese. Via presenting speech and caption translations, subtitles can enhance the viewing revel in.

You can browse for language alternatives inside the video participant settings even as ingesting the content to peer if a series has English subtitles. In maximum cases, in conjunction with the choice of the original language, English subtitles will be provided if they are to be had.

Now not all Youku collections can also function as English subtitles, so hold that during thoughts. Relying on the collection, subtitles might also or won’t be available.

Dubbed Versions

Youku may provide dubbed variations in English or different languages of a few well-known Chinese language series and overseas programs. Dubbed variations use voice actors who are fluent in the goal language to replace the original audio song.

For suggests that might be being translated for Chinese audiences, dub variations are extra regular. It depends on the content and licensing arrangements, however, not all series will provide this preference.

Availability by Region

Due to licensing limitations, the accessibility of English subtitled or dub variations can also fluctuate through region. For foreign places visitors, positive suggestions can also function as subtitles or dubs, while others may completely offer Chinese language-language options.

For this reason, my previous replacement, Youku has made an effort to expand its audience outdoor of China, so it’s possible that there are actually more subtitles and dubs available for non-Chinese customers.

Virtual private networks (VPNs) can be used by a few viewers out of doors of Mainland China to get around geo-blocks and access Youku content material as though they had been there. However, it may be towards Youku’s phrases of carrier and unlawful in a few locations to apply VPNs to access geo-limited content.

User-Generated Subtitles

Youku every so often permits users to add subtitles in numerous languages through person-generated content material. This permits the introduction and upload of subtitles for popular shows by volunteers and enthusiasts, making it less difficult for non-Chinese speakers to comply.

Please be aware that when my preceding update in September 2021, Youku’s choice of English subtitled and dub variations may have changed. I advise sorting out the settings and selections for the specific collection you wish to view at the reliable Youku platform or app for the most present-day and correct data.


As a center for Chinese creativity, know-how, and enjoyment, Youku has hooked up a great region of interest for itself in a world wherein virtual media is gaining dominance. Youku is properly placed to retain dominating the net video streaming market for years to come, engrossing audiences and influencing cultural conversations way to its wide range of content material offerings, willpower to authentic programming, and guidance from the organization.


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