Headband Wigs – Best Tips for happier lifestyle


Headband wigs are remarkable for hair to expand its length and volume. Some headband wigs may cause damage to your weave because they will pull on it too much or because they’re not good quality-wise. That’s why you must know how to choose a headband wig for longer weaves before purchasing.

In America, headbands are often used to hold back hair from a person’s face, head, or eyes during various activities such as sports or simply as a fashion accessory. In Western African, headbands were headgear for work and mourning.

The headband wig is attractive, easy to maintain, and it is also affordable for most people. This will be considered the best option if you want a hair extension capable of giving your natural hair a significant boost without costing too much money. In this article, we will teach you tips on making them fit perfectly for your head.

A fundamental factor that you need to consider is the size of your head. For those who have a smaller-sized head, it is best to choose a piece with adjustable straps since they can be adjusted to fit the smallness of the head. When you secure them in place, make sure to adapt them to fit securely and comfortably on your head.

If you are experiencing hair loss, what is good to do now is to choose the right headband wig that will work with your existing hair. You can make use of different techniques in doing it correctly. It is best to go for the one that has its edges already trimmed to fit perfectly with the natural line of your hair. You better choose thin and soft wefts if you have thinning hair since these can blend well with your natural hair.

Choosing The Right Headband Wig for Longer Weave

There is no shortage of headband wigs –  it means there is also no shortage in the number of headbands that aren’t good for wearing with weaves. To help you avoid purchasing an inferior headband wig, you should consider the following:

  1. Look at The Nature of the Material that Makes the Band

Choosing headbands and headwraps is critical for wearers of headwear because they can pull on your hair if they’re not of good quality. A headband with longer weaves needs to be made of a strong material like leather or suede, instead of something like elastic (unless fabric covers it). Skin-toned headbands aren’t safe either because they will show through on lighter colored weaves, and your headband may stick out from your weave.

  1. Make Sure It Fits Well On Your Head

You want a headband that fits snugly against your head so that it won’t slip and cause any damage to your weave. If it’s too loose, the headband will always slip and move around in a way that harms the hair in the long run.

  1. Choose A Headband Wig That Is the Same Color as Your Weave

This might look like an odd suggestion, but if you’re trying to add length and volume with a headband wig, you do not want colors showing through it. You’ll be able to tell where the weave ends, and the headband begins because of this color difference when wearing headbands with longer weaves that are also headwrap style wigs or headwraps. So make sure that what color your headwrap matches the color of your actual weave at all times.

  1. Make Sure It Doesn’t Have Slits in The Fabric

The headband wig should come down right over the sides of your head and not have any slits or openings in the fabric. You will see these kinds of headbands referred to as ‘ headwrap headbands’ because they are headwraps with a headband attached. These headbands will damage your weave if worn for an extended length of time because they’ll slip off to one side or another and tear at your hair that way.

  1. Choose A Headband Wig That Comes in Different Colors and Styles

As long as you’ve taken care of all the points above, you’re good to go to pick out a perfect headband wig from head-to-head. Some headbands for longer weaves come in various colors and styles like plain, striped, polka-dotted, etc., so make sure to check out the different options if they’re available to you before deciding on a headband wig for long weaves.

  1. Choose A Headband Wig That Is Comfortable and Easy to Put On

You want something comfortable and easy to put on and take off every day while wearing headband wigs because it will become part of your daily routine when you wear longer weaves. There is no need to have a headband wig that is just so hard to wear because you will have a difficult time making it work with your daily headwrap hairstyles.

  1. Choose A Headband Wig That You’ll Love to Wear and Show Off

If the headband is very tight or too loose, or if there are slits that show through on your weave when wearing headbands with longer weaves, then nothing about it is going to make you happy enough to wear it every day. Make sure that whatever headband wig and style of headwear you choose work best for how long your hair currently is or how long you plan.


– Always make sure that the headband matches the color of your headwrap headwear head wraps or headband wigs, regardless of if they are right next to each other.

– Depending on how tight it is, choose a headband wig that is not too tight on your head and doesn’t slip around while wearing it. If it does slip, it’s either too loose or made out of a fabric material like elastic that gets worn down over time.

– Choose a headband wig that is comfortable and easy to put on every day. Headbands are worn frequently, so you want one that will not cause too much trouble in the morning or take along to put on each day.

– It’s hard enough always to make sure all your cute hairstyles stay perfect while wearing longer weaves – especially when using a headwrap style of overextensions. So don’t make it even harder by choosing a headband wig head wrap headwear style that you’ll have a difficult time wearing regularly.

– Whatever color, headband style, and headwrap you choose must always match. It is a big mistake that people make when choosing longer weaves, headbands, and headwraps.

– Don’t forget that some headband wigs come with various color options to choose from if they’re available for sale. You can always find a colored or patterned headwrap and headband that goes well with your hair color or pattern of weave if you look around enough before purchasing a new longer weave.



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