How to Make Wood Pellets from Saw Dust Using Ring Die Wood Pellet Machine


As the world steps up the fight against carbon emission, more and more ideas on alternative sources of clean energy take center stage in climate forums. Scientists tout biomass energy is an excellent source of green energy. It refers to energy sourced from plants. As the demand for this fuel increase worldwide, you would expect to see different forms channeled into the market. Currently, most homesteads use charcoal and briquettes. But, while they are clean energy sources, they are not free from carbon per se.

Currently, the wood pellet market is beginning to shape up, which is why wood pellet machine is indispensable. Your choice of a suitable pellet machine lies within your intended use. a small wood pellet machine is ideal for domestic production.

Large-scale production requires a machine with a large holding capacity that can pelt out several units of pellets per hour. Ring die wood pellet machine fits the latter case perfectly well.

Step one on how to make wood pellets from sawdust

Once you have your desired machine in place, your next step is to amass the raw materials. If you have them within your backyard, you are home and dry. The opposite is true when raw materials are not within your reach. At this point, your plan should factor in the means of transport and the costs you will incur; the cheaper, the merrier.

Before settling on your raw material, check that it fits the quality criteria. Ideal material should have the correct moisture content. 12-14% moisture content for flat wood pellets machine and 17% and when using ring die wood pellet machine. You can install a drier and a hammer mill for resizing materials if your budget allows.

Step two on how to make wood pellets from sawdust

Step two entails the preparation of your raw material to make them optimal for pelletizing. Key among the procedures at this step is sorting and drying. Begin by removing impurities from the raw material. There could be metals and other objects sitting inside your material waiting to lower the quality of the pellets and worse still congest or damage your machine.

Next in your list of priorities is to check the moisture content of the raw material. Too dump material slips through the machine while too dry cloth can’t compress to form decent pellets. As such, a rotary drum drier comes in handy. While it may not be efficient, you can dry the material under the sun.

Step three on how to make wood pellets from sawdust

Before feeding material into the ring die wood pellet machine, you must set the machine to the ideal temperature and set the output point to hold the pellets. Preheat the engine and check it has attained the required heat before pushing the sawdust. Warmth is essential when forming compact and nicely smooth pellets.

After pelletizing:

  1. Collect and transfer your pellets to a cooling chamber.
  2. For best results, adjust the temperature to 3-5°C and the moisture content to 12-13%.
  3. Let the pellets sit in the chamber 6-10 minutes before packaging.

To this end, your pellets are ready for use. To preserve the quality of the shots, package them using a sawdust pellet packing machine. Packaging keeps the pellets in good condition by shielding them against wetness, oxidation, and corrosion.

As a closing remark, wood pellets are gaining popularity worldwide. They are a great source of clean energy and thus an alternative heating system. The production process is relatively cheap and does not pass on extra costs to the final product. It makes them a low-cost source of heat that meets the rising demands for green energy.


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